Ава Аситоре


She grew up in North Carolina with 2 older brothers and spent most of her post graduate years working as an administrative assistant. In her spare time she started writing, and quickly fell in love with short romance stories.
Ava finds joy in the small things, like finding the perfect pair of pants at the gap for her son. Or being able to use that one coupon she has been holding onto for weeks.
She dreams one day of being able to sell enough books to buy this one particular necklace at kay jewelers she has had her eye on for quite some time. Like most, she has a soft spot for diamonds.
You can catch her mindlessly scrolling though bath and body works facebook newsfeed... You could say it's an obsession. Or maybe just sitting in the coffee shop hanging with friends.
She is still in the process of finding her voice, and is experimenting with different genres to find out what fits her best. But she loves all genres right now.

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