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Хантер: This Same Earth [en] (Детективы: прочее) 14 06
Can someone add the third book? Pretty Please?

Atwater-Rhodes: Poison Tree [en] (Ужасы, Городское фэнтези, Любовная фантастика) 06 05
Update: Seems like recognition software parsed through all ‘f and the second letter’ combinations of letters as empty spaces. For instance phrase ‘o ce on the rst oor’ means “office on the first floor”. Makes for an interesting brain teaser))) Thanks to all contributors!

Турман: Chimera [en] (Научная фантастика) 27 03
Author’s grasp of Russian is astonishing, wrong cases, wrong genders, some words misspelled, others just don’t exist in any variety of Russian dialects. Had to quit in the middle. Idea is interesting, and I wanted to explore it, but the performance... it would go better for those who don’t know Russian.

Ли   : Midnight Sins [en] (Любовные детективы) 15 11
The description is for a different book .

The Weather Warden [en] 21 03
No love lost - не было никакой любви. Ваш перевод неверный.
За переводами с англ на англ обращайтесь. Редактирую фэнтези в америке, 8 лет уже